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    Food Packaging

    Packaging designed for recyclability

    Packaging plays a critical role in protecting food before consumption. Whether you are packaging food to place on the store shelf or packaging food for transport, safe and effective packaging is required. At the same time, food packaging also needs to be good for the environment over its lifecycle.

    We believe plastic or any other kind of packaging should never end up in the environment as waste. Instead, we work toward a world where the value of plastic is retained for as long as possible, and the environmental burdens are eliminated.

    Based on lifecycle data, we try to understand the complete impact of the package. And we “design for recyclability” with the same functionality of the package, to ensure food protection as well as maximize its value for a circular economy.

    Design for recyclability
    Explore how we can work together to design packaging for recyclability.

    We’d like to work with you to select the most effective packaging for your needs, and the environment. Dow is well positioned with high performance and sealant resins, tie layers, barrier film compatibilizers, adhesives, and coatings that can enable more plastic packaging to be recycled. A broad range of solutions can be combined to design, right from the start, a package that can be recyclable while meeting performance requirements of the target application, not compromising food protection while optimizing packaging materials usage.

    Addressing recyclability trends and eliminating waste with packaging

    Quality food packaging can help:

    • Protect foods delivered over longer distances for grocery retailer online sales and food subscription boxes
    • Reduce food waste by extending the distribution- and shelf-life of food and avoid premature spoilage
    • Allow for fewer preservatives, additives and saturated fats through improved seals and barrier layers
    • Take advantage of mono-material versions designed for recyclability

    If you’re ready to expand or enhance your food packaging – and your package’s sustainability – we’re ready to help. We’ve concentrated on developing and aligning products and technologies to help customers design packaging with all aspects of freshness, safety, and recycling in mind.

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