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    Textile Pre-treatment and Processing

    Enhancing textile processing and creating intelligent, sustainable textiles

    The textile pretreatment process can help eliminate sizing agents, oils, waxes, seed hulls, soils, pectin and other impurities, while improving whiteness and feel of the fabric. A typical pretreatment process includes three steps: desizing, scouring and bleaching.

    Additionally, textile processers want to go beyond simple coating, waterproofing and softening to deliver functional fabrics that offer the perfect combination of comfort, performance and style.

    Our product portfolio includes specialty surfactants, amines, solvents and silicone-based performance enhancers and processing aids to help you:

    • Improve wetting and fabric penetration
    • Emulsify and disperse impurities
    • Prevent or knock down foam in the harshest manufacturing and processing conditions
    • Cationize cotton to enable unique, brighter colors and reduce resource use
    • Deliver fabrics that are UV- and water-resistant or repellent
    • Improve tear strength, abrasion resistance and wash durability
    • Give socks, gloves and sportswear high-grip properties
    • Add unique moisture-management, wrinkle-free, stretch and recovery attributes

    Solutions for textile mills
    We can help you deliver high-quality textiles.

    ECOFAST? Pure Sustainable Textile Treatment?

    Dow’s patented technology helps address key sustainability challenges in the textiles industry, including water quality and water consumption, while enabling unique, brighter colors on cotton fabric.

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    ECOFAST? Pure
    Reduce the chemicals and water needed to dye cotton fabric.